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Cutting-edge Automated Trading Platform

Quickly multiply your trading profits with the Fastest Multi-Chain Sniping, Copytrading and Limit Orders with Magnum! Let's make the On-Chain trading great again!

Sniper Bot

Be the first to buy/sell as soon as that new token launches, and get highest of the profits with Magnum Sniper.

Presale Bot

Prioritize your entry to the most prospective project presales on launchpads! Get guaranteed allocation of tokens with Magnum's Presale Bot.

Copy trading Bot

Follow the steps of the master traders out there! Magnum will copy trades from their wallets and even get you a chance to do it ahead of them.

Manual Buy/Sell

Buy/Sell tokens On-chain at your targeted price with Limit Orders is now possible - with Magnum's rich interface to place trade orders.

Sniping Provider For

Be the first to buy/sell as soon as that new token launches, and get highest of the profits with Magnum Sniper.

Why trade with Magnum?

Fastest Trades

Speed up your trading with Magnum's efficient platform, outperforming traditional DEXs with rapid, on-chain transactions. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple: one click and your trade is on its way, no delays.

Private Transactions

Trade with confidence, knowing that your transactions are safeguarded against MEV bots. Magnum's secure transaction protocol means your trades remain private until they're mined, keeping you one step ahead.

Limit Orders

Set your target price for buying or selling tokens with Magnum's limit order functionality. We'll automatically execute your trade at your specified price, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

  • Fastest Crypto Bots

    Our bots are built to perform ridiculously faster than other platform, not leaving you ever to miss market opportunities.

  • Secure Key Vault

    Your Funds matter the most, so we make sure all the wallet data is tucked under strong encryption layer.

  • One Stop Solution

    Magnum aims to be only platform you’ll ever visit for all your market tools. We have all kinds of bots and tools right here.

  • Easy GUI

    We want to focus on market, not keep struggling with chatbot! so we have built the web and mobile clients for much convenient user interface.

  • MEV Protection

    We provide premium MEV Protection and best user Interface to do private transactions on multiple network like Ethereum and Binance smart chain.

  • Lowest Fees

    We have the most competitive pricing policy on the market. We provide the best of the services with the least of the commission and fees.

Trade Commission

We charge a small fee per successful trade users do with Magnum.

Our Subscription

Be the first to buy/sell as soon as that new token launches, and get highest of the profits with Magnum Sniper.

Trader Plus

500 MAG
For a Month
Coming Soon
  • Unlimited Sniping
  • Unlimited Buy / Sell
  • Trader + NFT Badge

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The highlights of what's coming on Magnum in next quarters.

Q1 2024
  • Token Launch
  • Additional Trading Networks Integration
  • Magnum On-Chain Mutual Funds Program
  • Cross-Chain Trading
Q2 2024
  • AI Powered Trading
  • Trending Tokens Signals and Insights
  • Gas Saving Aggregator Routers
Q4 2023
  • Token Presale/Launch
  • Additional Trading Bots Integration
  • Premium Influencer Area Launch
  • Exclusive Trading Channels Opening
Q3 2023
  • Official Product Launch
  • Feature Requests
  • Partnership Programs
  • Whale Database
Q2 2023
  • Platform Functional Refinements
  • Strategic Product Marketing Initiatives
  • Launch of Mobile Applications
  • Integration of Telegram Features
  • Establishment of Investors Club
Q1 2023
  • Ideation
  • Concept Prototype
  • Targeted Market Research
  • Feature Design Development
  • Revenue Model Formulation


Meet the Brains behind Magnum - the team that has built and grown your perfect On-Chain trading platform.

Hardik Patel (Maverick)
Co-Founder, CEO
Rushirajsinh Jadeja
Co-Founder, CTO
Alpesh Solanki
Co-Founder, Blockchain Head
Jett Tang
Joel (Coach K) Kovshoff